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Garage Door Repairs- Serving Saratoga

If you live in Saratoga and need your garage door repaired-  we offer 24/7 Emergency Service and a FREE Service Call with any repair. Here’s more info about what we offer:

Opener Repair

Your garage door opener can have issues with its motor and other associated parts. Our technicians can perform diagnostic measures on your garage door opener for you. Once we have these results, we can give you the options for repairing or replacing your opener as quickly as possible.

Same Day Service

As a Saratoga customer, we know that you do not want to wait around for days or even weeks for a garage door repair to be done on your door. We offer you top notch same day repair services. Our business is open seven days per week and we can conduct an evaluation for you on site or at our location. You can also reach us via email after hours if you need assistance as well.

Bent, Misaligned, and Rusted Tracks

Rust, corrosion, bending and a change in alignment can cause your garage door tracks to have issues when trying to lift your garage door. Our technicians know a great deal about fixing bent, misaligned and rusted door tracks. They will be able to quickly look at the tracks and their parts so that a replacement can be done that very day.

Trolley Carriage Replacement

A trolley carriage can break pretty easily. You might think that it is find if it moves, but if your garage door still won’t raise or lower properly then we suggest that you replace the trolley carriage. We do this by removing the header bracket from your rail and then take off the carriage from the trolley. We then move on to installing a new trolley and then placing these items in their new locations and secure them to your garage door once again.

Bumper Issues

Your garage door bumper will either be known as a push down bumper or a leaf spring bumper. Most overhead garage doors have leaf spring bumpers so if this is the kind of door that you own then this most likely is the one that is currently installed on your door. The tension on the cables that wrap around the drums comes from your bumper. It is important to have a solid bumper in place because it acts as a buffer each time that your door slams to the ground. It prevents the door from coming off track so if it is broken then we can match your existing one to a replacement ASAP.

Broken or Bent Rollers

When your garage door rollers break or bend too much then your garage door’s balance can become out of sync. This can make your door look crooked and prevent your door from being operated easily and without issue. We can replace the rollers and then lubricate them for you as well so that they are properly maintained and can work in a succinct fashion.


The torsion system utilizes long bars of metal called shafts to hold up the door’s cable drums which work the cables to raise and lower the door. If your garage door cannot get off the ground then we can examine the shaft for shearing or corrosion. We will have to remove your cables, cable drums in order to switch out the shaft you have with a new one.


Your garage door drums work with the torsion shaft and rollers so that they can lift your garage door up and down. The torsion shaft can wear down the door drums as the cables are wound and re-wound over the drum whenever you tell it to via the garage door opener remote. We can check out the drums and then work to fully repair them for you.


If you have a metal garage door then you probably have flat or curved metal bars called slats. These help to make sure that the door works properly within its tracks. Because of the materials that these slats are made from, the only course of nature to fix them is to cut the slats and solder in new ones.


Many commercial doors have struts on them that are at the top of the door. The struts lock up the sections so that every time you use the door, the panels do not break or become bent. If you tell us the length of your garage door then that can help us locate the right strut to replace yours with.


The couplings go into your motor head and they are located at the back of the rail on the garage door opener. A coupler will turn the screw which raises and lowers your garage door from the ground. We first shut off the garage door opener, removing the screws from the rail so we can remove the coupling. After this, we can change your coupling with a new one based on the make and model of your garage door.


A garage door opener remote issue can occur if you have batteries that are not working. The batteries should be changed every six months so that they have enough juice to keep going. The remote can break easily because the parts inside of it are very sensitive and are prone to problems if the remote gets dropped frequently. You may need us to also adjust your safety eyes if your remote will not work if the batteries have been changed and the remote has been replaced because these eyes work in conjunction with the remote.

Safety Eye Adjustment

Your garage door safety eyes are in a vulnerable location because they are low to the ground which means that anything can knock them out of their proper alignment. They can also become dirty or broken. The alignment needs to be precise so that they can coordinate the functions with your garage door opener. We can clean or replace your safety eyes so that your garage door will work and will not stop and go in reverse once again.


You need your garage doors to be properly lubricated and in working order so that they can work with the chain on the door so that it can be opened and closed whenever required. When your door’s chain tightens up it restricts the movements of the gears which makes them work more slowly and can cause them to wear much faster than they normally do. We can address this by taking the chain from its spot and removing the gear so that we can replace it.

Section or Panel Replacement

If sections or panels of your garage door look unsightly or are broken or dented then it can be a good idea to allow us to come out to your home or business and evaluate if a section or panel needs to be replaced. We will take into consideration if your door is in one piece or if it was made in sections before we tackle this repair job for you.

Weather Seal Replacement

The weather seal on the bottom of your garage door can begin to crack and peel away from its location. You need this seal to adhere to the door to prevent water and moisture from getting through the door. If you see that your garage door is not shutting tightly then the weather seal may be the issue. We can install a new weather seal and get your door as secure as possible.


The logic board on your garage door often needs to be replaced if glitches are causing it to experience technical difficulties. Boards have to help the systems communicate with each other so we will take out the light bulb and lens cover which can allow us access to the wires on the control panel so that we can take out the screws and remove the board. After this is completed, we can install your new board for you.

Loose or Broken Hinges

If your door has a hinge that is loose then the door could begin to hang off of the hinge which can be a problem. The function of hinges is to act as a support because of the sheer size and weight of the door. We can look at your hinges and make sure that they are replaced if they have been broken.


Your garage door has its keypad on the front of the door which means that the pad can be vulnerable to moisture and the elements. The wires that are inside of the keypad can short out because of the wear and tear or because water has gotten inside of the keypad itself. Our employees have a vast knowledge about keypads and can see what is wrong with yours so that the wiring or any other parts can be replaced.

Broken Sensor Eye

A broken sensor eye often is the root of a garage door failure if the remote flashes when it is used. If a short in the wiring in the sensor eye has taken place then the entire sensor eye should be replaced. Your wires may also have been jostled out of place which we can repair easily by putting them into their correct positions within the interior of the component.

Emergency Services

We know that when an emergency happens with your garage door that you want someone to come out to you ASAP. Look no further than our company because we offer you emergency services. One of our caring technicians can be dispatched to your home or business whenever you need some help. We believe in being there for our clients 24/7.

Cable Replacement

Snapping and fraying of garage door cables can lead them to need to be replaced. It is hard to prevent these issues from occurring. Because of the location of the cables on the drums, we suggest a complete cable replacement to protect you from becoming injured and the door from unexpectedly falling if the cable completely snaps. Our technicians have been trained to conduct this type of replacement in a safe manner.

Bearing Plates

Shearing or breaking of your three bearing plates can be bad news for the bars that they control which lift and lower your garage door. These bearing plates have a huge weight to carry which is why the stress of the down force on them can lead to a failure. We can evaluate the bearing plates and decide on if they should be repaired or replaced.

We offer repair services to the zip codes of 95070 and 95071. When you choose Pro Line Garage Doors, we want you to know that we not only appreciate your business, but we also thank you for trusting us with your garage door. We will not let you down. We believe that our customers are always right so please contact us whenever you wish so that we can get started as soon as we can on your new door installation or repair project.